“Perseverance Personified”

Last December Patrick Stump came to Open Air to fulfill his long time goal of learning to fly.  As much as he wanted to continue his instruction, he had trouble with his inner ear, causing severe motion sickness and balance problems.

Never giving up, he consulted with his doctor, ordered special wrist bands to control motion sickness, took ginger supplements, etc.

At first he could only fly for short periods or 2 or 3 patterns before he had to land. Gradually the flight time were extended and his motion sickness symptoms began to subside.

As a result of his determination and unbelievable perseverance, Patrick was able to overcome his issues, a1snd we are proud to report that last week he completed his 1st Solo in an a Cirrus SR-20 at KJYO.

He is now confidently on his way to earning his Private Pilot certificate.Congratulations Patrick!! You provide a great example to all of us onovercoming adversity and never giving up.

Bob Garity, CFI