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Newest OpenAir Tailwheel Pilot

Flying a tailwheel airplane is something that truly sets aviators apart. Flying a tailwheel airplane well is that much more of an accomplishment. On Tuesday afternoon, Ben Brannaka proved he could do just that in the Super Decathlon N878AC. He doesn’t just fly to the standard – he exceeds the standard. After working his way through 3-point and wheel landings, […]

More Fun Flying than Fixing

Rob was a former avionics technician working on C-130’s and B-2 bombersin the USAF. He selected the USAF because he always wanted to fly, but his vision kept him out of the cockpit. However, he never gave up on his dream and, on Sunday, Rob achieved the1st major step of his long desired goal, by completing his 1st Solo in in Cirrus SR-20 Perspective. […]

“Perseverance Personified”

Last December Patrick Stump came to Open Air to fulfill his long time goal of learning to fly.  As much as he wanted to continue his instruction, he had trouble with his inner ear, causing severe motion sickness and balance problems. 

“Riding on Cloud 9”, aka, his beautiful Cirrus!!

Mike Justus has been working on his Instrument Rating for a couple of yearsand some of the Instrument procedures did not always come easy for him. However, he never gave up and continued his pursuit with a passion, until he “got it” in spades.

Last minute disaster averted!

Thanks to OpenAir for solving for our last minute commercial disaster. We had commercial flights  booked which canceled due to mechanical issues. OpenAir solved for us. We would have missed our niece’s rehearsal dinner if it weren’t for them. Diana R.