Everyone is so charming…and speedy!

The team at OpenAir is so efficient AND charming. They’re always ready to go when we arrive.

No hassles, no waiting around. It’s perfect!

Marie and Sam

Last minute disaster averted!

Thanks to OpenAir for solving for our last minute commercial disaster. We had commercial flights  booked which canceled due to mechanical issues. OpenAir solved for us. We would have missed our niece’s rehearsal dinner if it weren’t for them.

Diana R.

This plane has spoiled us!

“Everything is great. As I’m sure you know, Steve is a skilled pilot and very safety conscious. Just what I was looking for. He is also a very nice guy that I enjoy talking to and flying with. Where are you at regarding the purchase of a regional jet? I dread having to get aboard a commercial flight to visit our daughter in Portland, Oregon. This plane has spoiled us.”
— Dave Y.

Open Air really delivers!

“Marcia called from Galax – trip was terrific – Ryan was ready to roll when we got to Hanover a little before 7:00. Thanks so much for helping make this such an easy trip. Open Air really delivers! Congratulations and thanks again.”
— Harry T.